Endocrine System – The boosters

The endocrine system is the main organ systems which boost the activities of all organ functions. We can observe an endocrine organ associated with all important organs. This is because all those organs are slow and steady but they are boosted with the support of these endocrine systems. Endocrine organs secrete enzymes which are catalysts of the organ associated with it. So these catalysts are the main reason for the smooth functioning of the organs. Since we are not able to see the functioning of the endocrine organs we are not aware of their importance. This is how we live in our society too.

We are not aware that we are normally boosted by the surroundings we live in. Since we don’t know that, we never concentrate on such important things. When the surroundings are highly positive then the negative attitude never disturbs as they will be converted positively by the situations around you. And hence we are going to create positive thoughts with our endocrine system and make positive boosters also so that we will create positive boosters around us.

Positive Affirmations for the endocrine system:

  1. I feel the positive association of my endocrine system with the corresponding organs and so is me with my association of people.
  2. I feel that my endocrine system is a positive supporter of the organs and vice versa similarly I am so with my society.
  3. The positive endocrine organs secrete positive enzymes and through that positive enzymes, my organs and their functions are highly positive and energetic.
  4. I also give out high positive thoughts from my mind and so my society around me is also highly positive.
  5. Hence I and society are mutually positive and helpful to each other.

How to practice it?

Whenever you find time just be aware of your body and the society around you and repeat the above affirmation with love for 5 to 10 times.

Nervous System – The transporter

The nervous system is very complicated in the body that carries a lot of information and instructions. It acts as a transporter for various organs too. The only system which enters all organs is this nervous system. Our physical body can respond to us if we talk with love and it can be transported to all organs. Hence we are going to talk positive affirmations to the nervous system which will transport positivity throughout the body. Just repeat and talk with love to your nervous system.

A positive affirmation to the nervous system:

  1. Hey, the great nervous system, I feel you throughout my body.
  2. I feel you transferring love along with your duty to all my body organs.
  3. I feel you transfer even happiness, friendship, and compassion throughout my body.
  4. My body organs are filled with high positive thoughts like an abundance of friendship, happiness, loving-kindness, compassion, peace, harmony, etc.,
  5. The positive thoughts that filled my body now overflow around me, to all those in my house, then into my streets, my districts, my state, my country, and my world.
  6. My positive thoughts transported by my nervous system has now filled my body and my world.
  7. I am highly positive and live in a world of positivity due to my great nervous system – The transporter.

Talk to the nervous system as if you talk to your friend and it will really respond to it.

Central Nervous System – The Admin of the Body

Central Nervous System:

Central Nervous system consists of the Brain and the Spinal Cord. The entire body is organized by these two organs and is called the admins of the physical body. It can receive, send, store, and retrieve information from all parts of the body and also through the sense objects. It plays a vital role in the administration of the entire body through electrical impulses. The Brain is the organizer and Spinal Cord is the communicator and hence an administration needs excellent organization and communication. All the activities of the Brain and the Spinal Cord are amazing and have infinite responsibility.

Positive Affirmation using The CNS

  1. My Spinal Cord transfers positivity throughout my physical body.
  2. My brain, the great organizer, organizes positive thoughts and activities throughout my body.
  3. My physical body organization is completely organized with only positive thoughts and activities.
  4. All nerves carrying the message from or to the Brain through the Spinal Cord is highly positive.
  5. My entire body is highly positive now.
  6. Since my body is positive, my mind is also highly positive.

Respiration – A process of increasing positivity

As we all know respiration is a process of inhalation and exhalation, we should also know that it is also a process of increasing the positivity within us. All activities of the body are related to the activities of the mind and so respiration plays a vital role in mind and body. Respiration keeps the body in life and the air inhaled keeps the body active and the air exhaled keeps the body toxin-free. Similarly, it has an effect on the mind too. Let us use respiration as a support to increase positivity within us.

Positive power of respiration:

Just repeat the following affirmation to increase the positivity within us.

  1. I inhale the power of positivity from nature and exhale all negativity.
  2. I inhale friendship and exhale enmity.
  3. I inhale happiness and exhale sorrow.
  4. I inhale loving-kindness and exhale hatred.
  5. I inhale compassion and exhale heartlessness.
  6. I inhale abundance and exhale scarcity.
  7. I inhale prosperity and exhale failure.
  8. I inhale peace and exhale conflict.
  9. I inhale harmony and exhale dissonance.
  10. I inhale good health and exhale all my diseases.

I inhale all positivity and allow them to circulate and expand within me. I exhale all negativity and give space within me for positivity to live forever. I love and expand positive energy in the form of prana in and around me.

Thymus Gland – The Immune System and A Gland of Love

The Nature has wonderful creations when understanding makes us amazing. One such gland in our body is our Thymus Gland. Most of us know that this gland is responsible for the immune system and is placed just near the heart area.

Function of the Thymus Gland:

  1. It produces T-Cells to destroy cancerous cells and also help other organs in the immune system.
  2. An important organ to supply cells for lymphatic system which creates strong immunity.

Though there are various scientific reasons, this gland can also be called as Love Gland. Since we have lost various aspects in life, Love is the biggest missing factor and this is the reason we have lost the immunity power. Love is related to heart and the thymus gland is near the heart. When love is activated automatically thymus gland is also activated. This will activate the T – Cells and lymphatic system of the body. When there is calamity due to virus we normally develop love in helping others and it will naturally get eradicated with the love we develop on others. Now the situation shows that we need to develop an ocean of love and allow it to flow from within you to win the current pandemic situation. Following Affirmation will help us to develop immunity against the current situation.

  1. I love myself very much.
  2. I love everyone around me and related me.
  3. I love every person and every being on earth.
  4. I allow love to flow as ocean from me to everyone on earth.
  5. My love is pure and eternal.
  6. I forgive everyone who the nature wants me to forgive.
  7. I also ask forgiveness to all whom the nature wants me to ask.
  8. I am in love with nature and Nature too.

Repeat the above affirmation for as many times as possible. We will make crores and crores of LOVE OCEAN.


Universal Fourth Law: The Law of Correspondence

This Law states that the principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world – energy, Light, vibration, and motion – have their corresponding principles in the etheric or universe. “As above, so below”

Using Law of Correspondence at home:

We are going to create positive correspondence as positive thoughts to have positive vibrations within the family.

  1. I follow the harmony of nature and follow so at home.
  2. My family is a representative of a solar system
  3. Sunlight is similar to the thought of a person in the family which keeps others alive so I am always positive and healthy to have my family so.
  4. I am a tree of my family
  5. I am the lover of harmony, peace, loving kindness and compassion in my family as how a nature is.

Multi Generation Family Celebrating With Christmas Meal



Universal third law: Law of Action

The Law of Action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore, we must engage in actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words.

Using law of action at home:

We are going to create positive actions as positive thoughts to have positive vibrations within the family.

  1. I am happy and my family is also happy.
  2. I love everyone at home and everyone loves me.
  3. I am harmonious with everyone at home and so is everyone with me.
  4. I am in peace at home and all members at home are also in peace.
  5. Love is spread every where at home and flows from my heart to every one at home.



Universal Law 2: Law of Vibration

This Law states that everything in the Universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns.

Using the law of vibration at home:

  1. I love everyone at home.
  2. I am dear to all at home.
  3. I am happy with all.
  4. I am harmonious with my family.
  5. I am the instrument of peace at home.
  6. I am the lover of faith is so in my family.
  7. My family is developing day by day.

All the above thoughts vibrates and travels in circular patterns.

Family Enjoying meal,mealtime Together